Bergman Academy

Bergman Academy is an accredited, non-profit private school, providing 3-year-old through 8th grade secular education. Located in the heart of historic Greenwood Park at the former Science Center of Iowa, Bergman Academy's mission is to provide an environment that nurtures total development while guiding students toward the joy of lifelong learning. Class sizes are limited to sixteen students (K-8th) and emphasize differentiated guided instruction. Teaching staff commit to investigating the newest teaching methods to ensure each child is challenged and supported in reaching their own individual potential. The Iowa Common Core is taught alongside field trips, project-based learning, and experiential learning opportunities. Below are just a few examples of what sets Bergman Academy apart!

Small student to teacher ratios (7:1 preschool, 9:1 pre-kindergarten and 16:1 kindergarten -8th grade) allow for educators to get to know each child individually, understanding the way he or she learns best!

Differentiated guided instruction in small classrooms allow teachers to respond to individual learning styles. Accelerated students can be challenged while remaining with their peers, rather than being pulled to the next grade level.

Project-based and experiential learning opportunities engage students both inside and outside the classroom. From pond studies in the park, to geocaching in the woods, to visiting local cultural and educational treasures like the Civic Center and the Historical Society, students experience diverse and academically enriching outings.

Spanish language instruction is taught through immersive lessons which incorporate current events, music, literature, games, poetry, pop culture, and storytelling, all while engaging in conversation. Spanish classes begin in preschool and continue through 8th grade.

The natural setting of Greenwood Park serves as an extension of Bergman Academy classrooms, and students enjoy the numerous hiking trails and beautiful scenery surrounding the school.