As the former home of the Science Center of Des Moines, Bergman Academy has transformed this iconic building into a fabulous educational institutional
About Bergman Academy:


Bergman Academy is a Preschool through 8th grade certified non-public secular school and the only of its kind in Des Moines.  We are located in the heart of Greenwood Park.  Our class sizes feature a 16:1 student teacher ratio and we emphasize individualized learning.  We implement 21st century skills in conjunction with the Iowa Core Curriculum.  We have a team of professionals who have not only chosen education as their vocation but as the avocation.  Our teachers are highly trained professionals with over 290 years of combined teaching experience.  They are dedicated to developing life-long learners.  Our families and staff value academic mastery while encouraging all students to work toward becoming self-motivated young adults ready to become leaders of tomorrow.

As the #1 elementary school in the state, educators, students and parents are hard at work.  Our teaching staff is committed to investigating the newest teaching methods and combining them with current curriculum so that each child is challenged and supported in reaching their own individual potential.  The students interact across grade levels academically and socially which fosters a family atmosphere core to our culture. 


Guiding Principles of Education:


Excellence: Bergman Academy upholds high standards of academic performance across the disciplines.  Highly trained teachers implement a rigorous academic program that encourages critical thinking, creativity, achievement, and healthy competition.

Experience: Bergman Academy creates an educational journey that combines hands-on learning with an integrated academic, artistic, and athletic curriculum.  Students participate in new and traditional activities designed to enliven and enrich their learning.  Students are encouraged to explore and enjoy the natural world.

Individuality: Bergman Academy values each student as a unique individual and considers every student's strengths and needs.  Students are urged to develop their own thoughts, questions and interests.

Community: Bergman Academy encourages cooperative work along with self-reliant performance.  Students develop confidence in their ability to speak, lead, and contribute positively to the world, as they become stewards of their communities. 

Responsibility: Bergman Academy students learn through their own success, failure, and perseverance.  They learn the appropriate acceptance of and expression of feelings.  They accept responsibility for their work and their actions.  Students practice moral behavior and uphold the principles of honesty, courage, self-respect, and respect for others.

Differences: Bergman Academy students learn to value individual differences and divergent thinking.  They learn, as they grow, to seek inclusiveness and justice in a multi-cultural world.

Enjoyment: Bergman Academy believes that learning is enhanced when students pursue it with enthusiasm and confidence.  Bergman Academy students experience the joy that begins with curiosity and grows with the pursuit of their own interests and passions.