The Bergman Academy Board of Trustees is responsible for developing and approving the school's mission, strategic goals and objectives, and establishing policies related to programs and service.  The Board, comprised of Bergman Academy parents, has a long history of being involved in the work of the school. From its earliest days, the Board was considered a working board, rolling up its sleeves and helping wherever and whenever needed. The Bergman Academy Trustees, like the faculty and staff, have a growth mindset.  The Board has been instrumental in determining the strategic direction of the school, ensuring the financial stability and sustainability of the school, and supporting the growth of the program.   Board meetings are held monthly and include an open session which parents are encouraged to attend with questions, comments, and suggestions.  


2021-22 Board of Trustees

Tom Bernau, P ’24, Chair

Scott Johnson, P ’21, ’24, Past Chair

Jonathan Swanson, P '29, '32, '32

Yulia Johnson, P '25

Andrew Dorr, P '27, '29

Michelle Gartner, P ‘28

Julie Larson, P ’24, ‘26’, ’27, ‘29

Frank Levy, P ’16, ‘17

Nate Olson-Daniel, P ’21, ’22, ’24, ‘26

Laird Nossuli, P '23, '27

Carolyn Ruan, P ‘28

Jeffrianne Young, P ’19, ’22, ‘22

Timothy Whipple, P '20, '24

Christie Stover, Head of School

2021-22 Meeting Dates

All meetings will be held at 6:00 p.m. at Bergman Academy unless otherwise notified.

Tuesday, August 17th

Tuesday, September 21st

Tuesday, October 19th

Tuesday, November 16th

Tuesday, January 18th

Thursday, January 20th - Insight All-School Meeting  Tuesday, February 15th

Tuesday, April 19th

Tuesday, May 17th

Tuesday, June 21st