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Who attends Bergman Academy?

Bergman Academy students come from 13 districts across greater Des Moines. In addition, our school community is comprised of families from all over the world, including India, China, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, France, and Colombia. At Bergman Academy, we value diversity and invite our students to become committed and curious global learners.

Why should I spend money on tuition for an independent education when my child can attend our local public school for free?

Together we invest in our children’s education to ensure their growth as learners, thinkers, and leaders. Our classrooms look intentionally different and create opportunities for students to engage with their community and change the world. We believe that the growth and lessons learned at Bergman continue for a lifetime and develop in each child a love of learning, kindness and compassion, a respect for the natural world, independence, and a strong understanding of self.

A Bergman Academy education lasts far beyond eighth grade – it provides a foundation for life. Fini origine pendet – the end depends on the beginning. We teach with the knowledge that the halls and classrooms of Bergman Academy are filled with tomorrow’s leaders, scientists, artists, teachers, innovators, and more. Curiosity, kindness, integrity, and motivation permeate our classrooms and community, inspiring students to be engaged and confident learners who not only can but will make a difference.

How will the natural environment of Greenwood Park impact my child’s learning?

At Bergman Academy, we want our students to develop a love and respect for the natural world. Students frequently engage with nature, whether on a class field trip or enjoying walks around the campus grounds. From pond studies in the park to hiking in the woods, we love that the natural setting of Greenwood Park serves as an extension of our classrooms.

Where do Bergman students go to school after the 8th grade? How do they navigate this transition?

Bergman Academy students attend a variety of public and independent/private schools after 8th grade. Bergman Academy students develop as leaders and adaptive learners throughout their time at Bergman Academy. With help from our dedicated Middle Scholars Team, students prepare for the larger social and educational environment ahead. Through public speaking, extra-curriculars, leadership opportunities, and engagement in a rigorous academic curriculum, students develop a strong sense of self and become confident in their own abilities to learn and lead.

Because of the strong relationships built between teachers and students, our alumni visit Bergman Academy often and tell stories of their achievement beyond Bergman. Whether running for student office, starting their own non-profit, or creating a new website, we are proud of the many ways our students go on to impact their community.

Do Bergman Academy children have friends in their neighborhood?

At Bergman Academy, we pride ourselves on having a school community that feels like a family. Bergman students not only have friends in their neighborhood, but also friends from across the Des Moines metro, of all ages and backgrounds. In addition, our students are very involved in community programming, such as theater, baseball, cross country, and dance. These programs encourage students to make friends outside of our school community.

Is there financial aid available for qualifying families?

We believe our school is made stronger through encouraging a school culture which values cultural and socio-economic diversity. With financial aid from the Iowa State Tuition Organization (STO), and through the commitment of our parent donors to develop internal scholarship funds, Bergman Academy strives to ensure our school is a feasible choice for families of diverse socio-economic backgrounds.

How large are classes? What is the total number of students that attend Bergman?

We keep our class sizes intentionally small to benefit our learners. We have no more than 16 learners in our K-8th grade classrooms. We currently have 322 students attending Bergman in preschool-8th grade.

How involved are the parents at your school?

At Bergman Academy, we have an active parent community. From our volunteer Board members to our thriving committee of parent volunteers (Parent Link), we encourage the ideas, involvement, and support of our parent community. To learn more, visit the community page of our website!

How much interaction do the older students have with younger students?

Our Middle Scholars serve as the leaders of Bergman Academy. Throughout the year, the Middle Scholars develop a mentorship in which they teach and inspire a younger student. Middle Scholar homerooms pair with lower elementary homerooms throughout the academic year, easing first day butterflies, celebrating holidays and school events, assisting with projects, and simply sharing a good book over a cup of hot chocolate. 

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