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Reenrollment Admissions Dates

If you have a currently enrolled student(s) at Bergman Academy for the 2022-23 academic year, you will have the opportunity to reenroll your student(s) for 2023-24 academic year within the timelines below. 

Early Childhood & Kindergarten Reenrollment Dates

  • Friday, December 9: 2023-24 Enrollment contracts assigned on Blackbaud

  • Friday – January 6: 2023-24 Enrollment contracts due back

1st - 8th Grade Reenrollment Dates

  • Friday, February 17: 2023-24 Reenrollment contracts assigned on Blackbaud

  • Friday, March 3: 2023-24 Reenrollment contracts due back

Siblings of Current Students

Siblings who do not currently attend Bergman Academy will also be able to enroll during this period subject to space availability.


If you are interested in enrolling a sibling, please make sure to connect with Katie Ewing, Director of Admissions & Marketing ( to ensure that you have completed the application and assessment process prior to reenrollment timelines listed above.

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