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2021-22 Annual Fund

Together, we support our teachers and students


Your gift does not just buy things at our school - it creates opportunities for knowledge, wonder, and imagination each and every day. Enhancing the educational opportunities at Bergman simply would not be possible with your support.


Below is a celebration of our families, faculty, students, and community members' commitment to Bergman's future. Thank you for raising a hand to support our school!


Raised in pledges and donations this school year

See the list of donors throughout the 2021-22 school year


Family participation within the Bergman community

Watch a message from teachers, students, and Head of School


Generous gifts from grandparents and grandfriends

Listen to how your gift impacts our teachers everyday 

Your generosity is overwhelming through outright gifts from Donor Advised Funds, Family Foundations, United Way, Stock Transfers, cash, and employer matching programs. It is truly something to celebrate!

Below is a quick snapshot of what your generosity has already accomplished. The school year is not done yet - your gift will create even more opportunities in the upcoming months! 

"As families, friends, and community members share their time and talents with us, our students are able to learn from a rich diversity of voices. Whether it’s parents providing transportation on field trips, family friends sharing their specialized knowledge and job skills, or grandparents teaching history by sharing their life stories, our students are able to experience the richness of life beyond the classroom walls. Thank you!"

Mrs. Luft, 6th Grade

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