Your child's development is our mission. Bergman empowers, supports, and inspires students to reach high. Reimagining the possibilities of education, our classrooms look intentionally different. Guided by our key values, lessons are challenging, yet joyful, as we encourage all children to grow as curious, creative, and ethically-minded learners.

Guided Education

We see each child as a unique learner with an individual timing of growth. Differentiated guided instruction in small classrooms allows teachers to respond to individual learning styles. Accelerated students can be challenged while remaining with their peers and participating in advanced enrichment projects.

Project-based &

We want your child to love school and be excited about learning each day. From pond studies in the park, to geocaching in the woods, to visiting local cultural and educational treasures like the Civic Center and the Historical Society, students experience engaging project-based and experiential learning opportunities. 

Small Class Sizes 

We keep our classes intentionally small to benefit our learners. Small student-to-teacher ratios (7:1 preschool, 9:1 pre-kindergarten and 16:1 kindergarten-eighth grade) allow our teachers to build personal relationships with all students. 

Located in 
Greenwood Park

The natural setting of Greenwood Park in Des Moines serves as an extension of Bergman Academy classrooms, and students enjoy the numerous hiking trails which surround our school. From performing experiments at the pond to sledding on our hills, we offer incredible outdoor learning and recreational opportunities.