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Our Teachers

Early Childhood Staff


Jill Freeburg

At Bergman since 2017


Why I Teach:  I believe that the children are our future and I love being the person that gives them the opportunity to develop a love for learning.  

Angela Streeter.jpg

Angela Streeter

At Bergman since 2019


Why I Teach:  I work in early childhood education because I am with children at the start of their educational journey and get to help them understand and attain some of the most foundational academic, social, cognitive and emotional concepts.


Brianna Hale

At Bergman since 2020

Why I Teach: Children are capable of so much when we give them the space and comfort to explore. I enjoy giving them the tools they need to become great humans to the world, to themselves, and to the people around them.


Stephanie Canedy

At Bergman since 2017


Why I Teach: I work in early childhood because it is the time that children begin to grow into the person they will become.  I enjoy guiding them through finding themselves and figuring out about the world around them. 


Bethany Shrestha

At Bergman since 2021

Why I Teach: I teach to learn and I teach to be inspired. Being able to witness moments of discovery and growth first-hand is a true joy and daily inspiration.


Montana Isenhhart

At Bergman since 2021

Why I Teach: I teach to make a difference, no matter how big or small. Children have such a strong desire to learn and grow that it becomes motivating for me as an educator and person. 

Hannah Rublaitus

At Bergman since 2022

Jesi Merta.jpg

Jesi Merta

At Bergman since 2021

Elementary School Staff

Ronna McGrann, Kindergarten

At Bergman since 2022


Dustin Welsh, Kindergarten

At Bergman since 2020


Why I Teach: I take pride in knowing that I'm teaching my students knowledge and skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. I also take great joy in guiding their social and emotional development while strengthening their love for learning. 


Jennifer Netherton, 1st Grade

At Bergman since 2019


Why I Teach: I teach because I believe learning is a lifelong process. I have the unique opportunity to provide a safe and consistent environment for students to blossom and develop a LOVE for learning. 


Karen Mandernach, 1st Grade

At Bergman since 2016

Why I Teach: I am passionate about teaching because I love to witness the “aha” moments when student capture a new concept.  They continue to inspire me!


Meg Tvrdik, 2nd Grade

At Bergman since 2005


Why I teach: My favorite part of teaching is the relationships that I build with my students.  They are not just my students for the year, but for life.  


Jill Hart, 2nd Grade

At Bergman since 2020

Natalie Lucas, 3rd Grade

At Bergman since 2022


Tocia Hanna, 3rd Grade

At Bergman since 2019

Why I Teach: I teach to inspire and motivate children to find the joy and power in learning. There's truly nothing better than creating meaningful, long-lasting relationships with my students and watching them grow.


Amanda Christiansen, 4th Grade

At Bergman since 2021

Why I Teach: I want to teach students to become critical consumers of content and continue to be inquisitive forever.  Then take that knowledge and embrace their power to make positive changes in the world.

Sarah Matula, 4th Grade

At Bergman since 2022


Jody Konrad, 5th Grade

At Bergman since 2004


Why I Teach: I teach to make connections and to inspire a love of learning.  I enjoy building meaningful relationships with students so that they are receptive to new knowledge able to apply their learning to their own lives and toward helping others.


Bailey Gilbertson, 5th Grade

At Bergman since 2018
Why I Teach: I teach because every child deserves a cheerleader; someone in their corner who will never give up on them, knows the power of relationships, and encourages personal growth. I teach to meet the needs of each of my students and foster a love of learning. 

Middle Scholars Staff


Cara Rexroat, 6th Grade

At Bergman since 2010

Why I Teach: Each day with my students is fun, exciting, and entertaining. I love guiding them, encouraging them, and, most importantly, learning from them. Teaching at Bergman provides opportunities to create solid relationships that allow for authentic learning!


Marcy Luft, 6th Grade

At Bergman since 2006

Why I TeachI became a teacher because I love the magic and excitement of working with children. No other job lets you inspire wonder, joyfully discover new concepts, and help create a community of respect and dignity for every single learner quite like teaching. Bergman allows us to do this every day in the classroom!


Lindsay Anderson, 7th Grade

At Bergman since 2016

Why I Teach: I love teaching at Bergman because it is a community of teachers, learners, and families who work together to create a supportive and meaningful education.


Amber Lawrence, 7th Grade

At Bergman since 2021

Why I Teach: I teach because I believe in all students and their ability to succeed and because I want to help them develop a love of learning.

Michelle Peck.jpg

Michelle Peck, 8th Grade

At Bergman since 1997

Why I Teach: It is my lifework to nurture, protect, and inspire young adults who are at an age when they often times have so many questions about themselves and life in general. I teach to encourage my students to take risks, ask questions, and to help them know that wherever they go in life, they have what it takes to succeed. 


Dylan Lamb, 8th Grade

At Bergman since 2021

Why I Teach: I chose to become a teacher because I want to provide students with a positive environment to learn and grow as young people.  Working with students is the most rewarding thing I could ask to do and here at Bergman we strive to provide students with the experience and care that will help them grow and flourish as young learners. 


Jillian Hunt

At Bergman since 2022

Encore Staff


Craig Klein, Spanish

At Bergman since 2012

Why I Teach: I teach in hopes of igniting passion and sparking interest in other cultures and languages. I want students to know how good it feels to be able to communicate in a different language. I teach because acquiring a second language gives a child one more window from which to look at the world. 

Iveth Mehta, Spanish

At Bergman since 2022


Jen Havemann, PE/Outdoor Ed

At Bergman since 2006
Why I Teach: I teach because I love to help students make discoveries about themselves, their capabilities and, of course our outdoor environment. 


John Clark, PE/Outdoor Ed

At Bergman since 2021

Why I Teach:  I teach because I like to support an individual to find their direction in life whilst contributing a worldly view. I want the students to see the importance of being physically active and how it can have a positive effect on all aspects of their lives.



Kayla Gratton, Technology

At Bergman since 2019

Why I Teach: I teach to inspire and influence the future of our society.

Josiah Appell, Music

At Bergman since 2022

Samantha Jones-Tweedy, Art

At Bergman since 2020

Why I Teach: I teach so students can have authentic art experiences. Giving them the tools and space to problem solve, explore, and to see possibilities in the world around them. I teach to make artists that can trust themselves and create without limits. 

Student Support Services


Cassie Ascheman, ELA

At Bergman since 2015


Why I Teach: I teach because every child deserves an education geared towards their learning style. I believe that learning is measured by not only academic growth but social emotional growth of the child. 


Stacy Scanlon, Math

At Bergman since 2014


Why I Teach: I teach because I want to encourage and motivate students to find the joy of learning.


Valerie Peters, School Counselor

At Bergman since 2018


Why I Teach: I teach social emotional learning because it is important for all students to build a solid foundation. By developing coping strategies, stress management techniques, and conflict resolution skills, students will feel more confident in navigating through the obstacles of our ever changing world.


Brittany Smith, Building Teacher

At Bergman since 2020

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