This education at Bergman is my passport to the future and I am beyond well prepared for it!

-Aleena, Class of 2018

Bergman Academy teaches us so much educationally, but just as many life lessons.  The teacher does not just give you an assignment and tell you to finish by a certain date but helps you through the process and supports you. This school does not just offer learning experiences, it offers opportunities to explore. 

-Bella, Class of 2018

Bergman has given me something that cannot be tested or quizzed. Bergman has given me a family of friends that will be with me forever. I can’t help but appreciate the special sense of community Bergman has built and it is something I will never forget.

-George, Class of 2018

I have really appreciated my time here at Bergman because the classes are small which means the teacher is basically just talking to you. This makes it easier to understand the information given.

-Chase, Class of 2018