We believe the social, emotional, and academic development that occurs in early childhood is the instrumental foundation for all future learning. In our full-time 3-year-old and 4-year-old classrooms, students are immersed in cultural studies and practical life learning, together with classes in music, art, Spanish, and PE. Our school offers engaging, play-based educational experiences which develop a joy of learning in each child. (Hours 8:30 am- 3:30 pm)


Our Elementary team strives to provide a positive, respectful learning environment where the emotional, intellectual, and social needs of each student are met to ensure success.  Our team works to maintain a climate of intellectual development, as well as a caring community of shared educational purpose. Our instructional methods meet these individual needs and are designed to challenge students to achieve higher standards, develop as caring and ethical citizens, and become responsible, self-advocates and lifelong learners.


Our middle scholars serve as the leaders of our school. Whether mentoring younger students, creating websites and apps, directing films, asking questions of guest speakers, writing poetry, participating in Model UN, or managing philanthropy projects, our students are encouraged to utilize their own voices, and unique gifts, to make a difference. Our educators are passionate about these learners and their growth as they transition into young adults.