There are no exact guidelines for closing since many factors—including time of day, total snow fall, wind, visibility, temperature, etc.—all affect this decision.

Bergman Academy is committed to making the decision to close the school as soon as possible. The decision to close is based on actual weather conditions, current Doppler radar and immediate forecasts rather than on forecasts more than 4 hours in advance.

The final decision to attend classes can only be made by individual families based on their specific circumstances that may make it unsafe for them to travel. During adverse weather, Bergman Academy faculty is considerate of students who are unable to attend classes.

If Bergman Academy is in session, the preschool will also be in session.  We will not close the Pre-Kindergarten separately from the elementary school.

Bergman Academy makes its own announcements for closing—we do not group our closing in with the public schools.  Please look for our own announcements listed as “Bergman Academy” on the bottom of the television screen.

If Des Moines Public Schools close due to weather and road conditions, Bergman Academy will close also.  We WILL NOT CLOSE DUE TO WIND CHILL.  We do not have busses, therefore we are not in the dangerous situations that other schools are in with children waiting on bus stops.

School closings and delays are announced on local television stations:  channel 5, 8, 13 and Fox 17.  School closings are also announced via the radio on all stations and their websites.  It will also be posted on our schools website as early as possible, and a school-wide email will be sent out alerting families of the closing as well.

If you DO NOT see/hear our school name listed on the above mentioned media outlets, please do not call the school to ask if we are in session. SCHOOL IS IN SESSION.  We make every attempt to call off school as early as possible to give families enough time to make arrangements for the day. 

Parents are the ultimate decision makers on whether you feel safe transporting your children to school.  If we are open, and you feel uncomfortable with driving conditions, please do not place yourselves or your children at risk—stay home.