ACADEMY CAFE The Academy Cafe volunteer group develops a roster of parent educational workshops, film screenings, and outside speakers to be held throughout the academic year. Have a great idea for a topic? Know a fantastic speaker? Does educational programming get you buzzing? We would love for you to be part of the planning team.

Contact the LINK Leadership Team - Academy Cafe Chair: Susan Foxx -

AMBASSADOR PROGRAM Volunteer to be a Bergman Ambassador and you will be matched with a new incoming family to Bergman Academy during the summer months. Ambassadors are an important first contact within out Bergman community.  By welcoming families, helping to facilitate a smooth transition to our school, and providing helpful information, ambassadors can expect to give the majority of their volunteer time in flexible ways during the summer months. If you are interested:

Contact the LINK Leadership Team - Ambassador Program Chair - Kimi Steinberg -

BARNES & NOBLE BOOK FAIR This volunteer group plans and organizes our annual Barnes & Noble Book Fair each year. Let your creative juices flow as you work together to orchestrate a school-wide event out in the community at the Barnes & Noble bookstore. The event is scheduled annually in early December. If you are interested:

Contact the LINK Leadership Team - B&N Book Fair Chairs - Susan Mock - and Talia Chaffee -

CLASS PARENT Class Parent volunteers are a key link between the teacher and the class. Class parents support the needs of the teacher throughout the year by helping to organizing classroom (or grade) specific events and ensuring behind the scene needs of the teacher/class are met. Class parents also play a role in helping to foster a sense of community within a specific class or grade. Class parents serve as a point of contact for families, teachers, and administration for their class throughout the academic year. If you are interested in being a class parent, we would love to hear from you.

Contact the LINK Leadership Team - Class Parent Chairs - Christy Vahanian - and Eva Anderson -

COMMUNITY BUILD Parent volunteers lend their time to help keep Bergman in shape! By utilizing our handy parent community, Bergman is able to provide our children with an environment more conducive to learning, while keeping the school’s maintenance costs low. If you are interested in learning how you can engage with other Bergman families in school betterment projects, check out the Community Build Sign Up (coming soon!). If you have an idea for a Community Build project or would like to be part of the planning group for our annual Community Build Day in August:

Contact the LINK Leadership Team Community Build Chairs - Andrew Dorr & Sarah Dorr -

FAMILY FUN NIGHT The Family Fun Night volunteer group are the planning and execution team behind this highly anticipated school-wide event each year. With themed activities, decorations, and crafts this volunteer group can expect to kick into gear the first part of the calendar year as we lead up the event in early March. If you would like more information or get involved:

Contact the LINK Leadership Team - Family Fun Night Chair - Liz Vaughn -

LIBRARY Love books? The Library parent volunteers are trained each year to help organize, catalog, and maintain the parent-led Bergman library. Trained Library volunteers can also schedule a regular shift to help students check books in and out during the school day. If you are interested in learning more or becoming a part of our Library parent volunteer group,

Contact the LINK Leadership Team - Library Chairs - Nicole Lozier - or Amy Oline -

GREEN TEAM The Green Team parent volunteers help to facilitate earth-friendly practices at Bergman throughout the year. This parent volunteer group will work with the chair on various projects and initiatives, including an Earth Day celebration all to make being green a Bergman priority. We would love to have you join the Green Team.

Contact the LINK Leadership Team - (currently seeking a new Chair) - Julie Larson -

HISPANIC FESTIVAL The annual Hispanic Festival has become a favorite tradition of both students and families at Bergman Academy. Activities include an opening parade, musical and handcrafts workshops, live music show, cultural exhibits, a student performance for parents, and a beautiful outdoor market where students enjoy cultural music and ‘buy’ goodies using ‘pesos’. The festival is an entertaining, cheerful, informative, and enriching event. It displays and promotes the importance of the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures and their positive contributions to our state and country. The Hispanic Festival volunteer group will follow the lead of Profé Klein and Profé Madison to help execute a creatively themed day filled with Hispanic culture, activities, and food. Volunteers can expect to start supporting the Spanish department in planning the event just before Spring Break, continuing through festival day itself in late April. If you are interested in learning more or joining the team,

Contact the LINK Leadership Team - Hispanic Festival Chair - Ann Reinhart -

HOSPITALITY The Hospitality parent volunteer group takes good care of our Bergman staff on staff development days and during parent-teacher conferences. By organizing meals and survival kits for specific days, this group gives back by caring for our staff in thoughtful and practical ways throughout the academic year. To contribute to a potluck lunch on an upcoming staff development day, check out the hospitality sign-up.

Contact the LINK Leadership Team Hospitality Chair - Amanda Wood -

SCRIP SCRIP orders generate funds to support Bergman Academy's Staff Appreciate Fund. The SCRIP volunteers help to drive SCRIP sales, inform parents of SCRIP offers, track and delivery orders throughout the year. SCRIP volunteers can give the majority of their time from home and in a consistent way throughout the academic year. If you are interested in helping out in this way,

Contact the LINK Leadership Team - SCRIP Chair - Mel Guanci -

STAFF APPRECIATION WEEK This volunteer group works together in the spring to plan a week-long event during National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 7th - 11th,  to honor Bergman Staff. From daily special events, organizing pot luck lunches or other creative ideas the planning group helps organize and facilitate each activity. We would love to have you on this special planning team!

Contact the LINK Leadership Team - Staff Appreciate Week - John Konior -