The Basics: We provide a supportive and reassuring environment for students, helping them foster the confidence to face new challenges. Educated and energetic teachers teach our small classes, continuously challenging and inspiring students at all levels. Individualized instruction in small classes allows accelerated students to remain with their peers rather than being pulled to the next grade level.

The Culture: Each school year is headlined by a global theme that promotes personal responsibility. Recent themes include: Sailing through History, Unleashing the Super Power Within, An Adventure in Full Color, iLearn, and The World is a Village. Our diverse student population commits to volunteering in our community and we participate in monthly philanthropic projects to benefit organizations such as the Food Bank of Iowa, Animal Rescue League, Orchard Place, and Ronald McDonald House. Inside our own school community, we meet as an entire student body weekly to build relationships and school spirit.

Intentionally Small: Our 16:1 ratio represents actual teachers in the classroom rather than overall staffing. We are committed to maintaining two classes per grade, 32 students total.

Our Curriculum:Our teaching philosophy views each child as a unique person with an individual pattern and timing of growth. To address these variations, we employ the best practices from the Traditional Teaching Model and Individual Guided Learning methods. Foreign language instruction begins in Preschool and everyone participates in a weekly health study. We place a high priority on experiential learning so field trips are always a part of the year for students. From pond studies in the park, to geocaching in the woods, to visiting local cultural and educational treasures like the Civic Center and the Historical Society, our students experience diverse and exciting outings. Our middle scholars (grades 6-8) participate in overnight camping trips and travel on multi-day trips to Boston or Washington, D.C.

After School Enrichment: Our wide variety of after-school enrichment opportunities include music lessons through a partnership with the Des Moines Symphony Orchestra, in addition to Chorus, Spanish Club, Chess Club, Garden Club, and many more. Additionally, sports opportunities for the middle scholars include archery, basketball, track, and cross-country. Middle scholars are offered social opportunities mix with other local middle schools through social and sporting events.

Our Faculty & Administration: With a combined 400 years of teaching experience, our educational administrators and faculty hold teaching certificates that cross all academic levels, and have earned special endorsements in such areas as reading, talented and gifted, math, chemistry, physics, earth science, biology, Spanish, Montessori, social studies, and English. We teach children to think for themselves and develop creative solutions to problems in a supportive environment.

Adjusting to Academic Life: Bergman Academy is a rigorous academic environment with specific expectations for each student. Many children will experience a transition period as they adjust to the rigor of the Bergman Academy classroom. However, they transition with the support of caring teachers who remain in close communication with parents throughout the year. For most students, the adjustment period is relatively short - with long term rewards.