2016 Board of Directors

  • Scott Johnson, Chairperson
  • Tina Fisher, Vice Chairperson
  • Stephanie Kempf, Past Chairperson
  • Frank Levy, Director of Strategic Planning
  • Jeffrianne Young, Director of Communication
  • Stephanie Pickens, Director of Finance
  • Michael Galloway, Legal Counsel
  • Nate Olson-Daniel, Director of Technology
  • Kellie Hockmuth, Director at Large
  • Sally Ellwein, Director of Volunteer Resources
  • Herb Hartman, Principal
  • Marcy Luft, Vice Principal

Our board is made up 12 members primarily parents of students of the school.  A new slate of members is presented every January at the Annual Meeting and is approved by the school community.  You should expect to be heard.  Board meetings are held monthly and include an open session portion at which parents are encouraged to attend with questions, comments and suggestions.